Jimmy Kimmel Imagines How Donald Trump’s Superman T-Shirt Stunt Could Have Played Out


Trump, per The New York Times, reportedly wanted last week on his release from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to “appear frail at first” and then rip off his top to reveal a Superman t-shirt beneath.

“This is not a joke,” Kimmel said Monday night. “This is what he wanted to do.”

“Whoever talked him out of this, I would like to bang you right on the head,” the comedian continued. “First of all, we would have gotten to see some top-notch acting when Trump was pretending to be frail. Then he would have had to rip the shirt open and good luck getting the buttons undone with those nubby little baby carrot fingers he has.”

Kimmel later imagined how the stunt could have backfired for the president:

“Would the country erupt in applause? What is he imagining? More likely he would try to fly and wet his pants or something. Who thinks like this?” 

Check out Kimmel’s monologue here:

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