Trump 'Hereby Claims' Michigan And Inspires Massive Twitter Snark


President Donald Trump attempted to claim without evidence that he won Michigan on Wednesday, but he seemed to succeed only in inspiring Twitter critics to new heights of snark. 

It all started when the president posted two tweets announcing that he was claiming victory in the Wolverine State as well as Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina before they were officially called.

Twitter put a notice on both tweets for being misleading, especially because none of those races had been called.

For that reason, many Twitter users found the president’s victory claim dubious at best.

One Twitter user wondered what law allows a candidate to call “dibs” on a state.

However, the president’s tweet ― especially his use of the flowery “hereby claim” phrase ― did inspire others to use his same dubious logic to make their own unlikely dreams come true.

One person did have a suggestion for Trump if he wanted to see if this magical thinking approach really works.

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